" History is an inspiration for the present and for the future. We ought to retain a physical, living record of how people overcame challenges, because that gives us confidence to overcome challenges in our time. That's what preservation means to me. If you take the artifacts away, the setting away, and all the places away, how can you communicate with that past?"
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eagleton sunset

"My father painted this picture of the view from the deck of the
Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. He painted it on the spot. Using
the handrail on the deck as his easel, he captured the colors of the
sunset just as they were. He finished the  painting and we just sat there
in silence. A truly sublime moment that would have been ruined by words.
I hope that my daughters will have the opportunity to experience sunsets like
this at OBCC in the future.  This would be a great legacy to pass on to them."
Peter Eagleton - member since 2000