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Winter Boat Storage

For over a hundred years, members of the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club have stored their boats on site at the Club, on the Hudson River where they belong. Winter boat storage is available on the basis of seniority and space available. Working Members in good standing who have completed all of their work hour requirements may apply for winter storage. A winter storage fee will be charged upon approval and is non-refundable.

Boats must be stored on trailers not on blocks or stands. Trailers must be securely chocked and stabilized. Trailers must have the member's name painted clearly on the tongue. Trailers must be kept in good working order, including proper tire pressure and a working tongue jack. Areas around and under trailers are the responsibility of the member and must be kept clean and neat. No oils or other supplies are permitted to be stored near or under trailers.

Boat cleaning, winterizing, and preparations must fully comply with procedures set forth on the winter storage application, and no major repairs are to be done on the premises.

All stored boats will be shrink wrapped by the club, with the cost included in the winter storage fee. Boats must be winterized and prepared for wrapping no later than November 1st. Shrink wrapping will take place over the days following as weather permits.

Neither the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club nor the Town of Ossining imply or express responsibility or liability for personal property during the storage period. Members must provide documentation verifying that liability insurance coverage is and shall remain in effect during the entire storage period. Failure to abide by the rules of winter storage set forth on the application and in the House Rules and Bylaws may be grounds for denial of winter storage in future seasons.

Summer Trailer Storage

There is no boat storage allowed on land during the summer at OBCC. All boats must be off land by the May date posted, usually about 11 days before Commissioning Day. Any boat remaining may be removed at the owner's expense. Summer storage of trailers is available only to members in good standing who have completed their winter storage from the previous winter. New members after Commissioning Day may apply for previous winter's storage and pay the previous storage fee if space is available. Trailers must be kept in good working order and neat and clean as stated above, and all winter storage rules apply.

Town Boat Ramp

The boat ramp near the club is operated and maintained by the Town of Ossining. Members of OBCC who use the ramp, other than to launch in the spring or take out in the fall, must purchase a ramp pass from the Town. Season Passes and Daily Passes are available from the Town through the Ossining Recreation Department and are also available at the club. Ramp fees will be enforced from the time the ramp docks are installed in the spring until they are removed in the fall. Use of the ramp and trailer parking lot is for Pass holders only.  Violators may be reported to the Town of Ossining Police.