OBCC provides

What OBCC provides to the Ossining Community
A report to the Supervisor of the Town of Ossining

The Ossining Boat and Canoe Club is the living continuation of river traditions more than a hundred years old, when the river men worked these waters, built and maintained the clubhouse, and told stories as they mended their nets and braided rope. The club’s presence on the waterfront enhances the Ossining community not only in measurable ways such as enhancing home owners’ property values, but also in less tangible ways, bringing people together and providing a living interface between our community and the Hudson River, one of the country’s great natural resources.

Open Membership — The club has always been open to the Ossining community, and no membership application has been denied in recent memory. Dues are kept low to allow access to the river for anyone in the community, and other requirements are minimal. The club’s membership reflects all walks of life, and a diversity of abilities, ethnic, economic, religious, and racial backgrounds, and both genders.

Community Sailing — Through the Ossining Recreation Department the club supplies moorings and space for the community’s three boats, promoting public recreation and preservation of the Hudson River.

Public Ramp — The club monitors the public ramp and collects fees for the Town of Ossining. Members often aid and assist public boaters in this process.

Toys For Tots — Every year the club collects truckloads of toys donated throughout the Ossining community culminating at an event open to the public at the boat club. The effort involves the Marine Corps Reserve and a local fire company. All toys are distributed in Ossining through a local church.

US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 6-7 — OBCC hosts training classes in navigation and boater safety, hosts meetings, and stores training materials to support the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s mission.

Veterans Ceremony — Every year a ceremony, open to the public, honors sailors lost at sea. This is a touching event with speeches, bagpipes, a wreath, and buffet lunch for all.

Scholarship Fund — Every year the club donates to a fund to benefit an Ossining High School graduate through direct member donations and an annual breakfast open to the community.

BoatUS Lifesaver Program — OBCC is the only boat club in the lower Hudson Valley that promotes boating safety for children through a life jacket loaner and education program.

Labor in Kind — Members of the club donate time that has been valued at over $100,000 per year toward the maintenance and repairs of the club facilities, providing a savings of those costs to the Town of Ossining.

Spring Cleanup — Every spring the club participates in the community’s waterfront cleanup project.

obcc.org — The club encourages participation through a public web site, which contains membership and historical information, and outlines club activities. It also has a presence on Facebook and other social media.

OBCC is more than a boat club. Many members who do not keep a boat at the club nevertheless put in many work hours for its continuation and enhancement because they realize the social and historical value of the club to the Ossining Community.